Food Bio Intolerance Analysis

Food Intolerances

Which food are you intolerant?

Is your diet efficient?
Food intolerance is a sub allergic  mode  that stops some  functionalities of the metabolism, so it tends to put in  weight, continuing to eat an intolerant food…
….. They also show a serial of acute and chronic diseases as headaches, gastritis,  intestinal dysbiosis, arthritis acne, ecc.
Thema 01 (ex Thema 400) is able to give a food table to  which we are intolerant, a personalized diet, a strategy of wellness treatment and a full interpretation.
There are present about 600 foods, 6 biological indexes, nutritional tables and gymnastic  exercises.


Your heath is read in our tests!

Food IntolerancesDaphne Lab is LEADER trademark  in  the Food Intolerance’s field of Third Generation. Present in all Italy and with a strong  relief  at international level. Specialized in  the New  Palladium technologies‘s  field for BioMeta Tests, it tuned an investigation system of bio-frequencies  analyzable by the hair.        

With this system Daphne Laboratories can elaborate 32 BioMetaTests, analyse more than 600 foods, 200 viruses  and bacteria, 25 vitamins, 30 minerals, toxic metals, metabolites, organs and more than that.  

The only company in the natural medicine’s field with an advanced  system of management of quality in the respect of the environment and an innovative service card turned to costumers ‘s  respect.    

Described   by  studies of repeatability  at 94% and conforms  to the international standards  ISO 9001.